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Supporting youth and high school runners has been a focus of the Springfield Running Center for over 30 years!  Our knowledgeable staff provides high school and youth running customers with advice, personalized shoe-fitting, and the best selection of products needed for the sports of running.  Springfield Running Center is also proud to present one of the fastest 5K’s in the area – the Scholastic Challenge 5K each June, where all proceeds are donated to the local area high school running programs. Fostering the next generation runners is one of our passions!

Team Fittings:

We offer school and team fittings for track shoes and uniforms and team discounts to athletes and coaches.

Our store is staffed with very knowledgeable employees, including local high school coaches, former collegiate runners and athletes, and walkers!   Many of our employees are very active with the Springfield Road Runners Club and local school sports.

We fit walkers, runners, people who need shoes for the gym and cross-training, as well as people who want everyday shoes and those for the workplace.  We are physician-recommended and offer fittings for orthotics and insoles.

Advice!  We offer advice for your training programs and with information on our products.

Yoga for Runners: 

We partner with Ahh Yoga from Springfield to practice, strengthen, and stretch our way into being injury-free, right here in our store!  All levels are welcome and you do not have to sign up prior to coming, or you can sign up and pay online at  Bring your own yoga mat!

5K Fun Run:  

Join us for Spring-to-Fall runs on Thursdays at 5:45 pm from the store.


Springfield Running Center offers educational seminars with physicians and experts as speakers throughout the year.  We also travel to schools and other area groups to educate and inform people on the importance of having the right shoe for their foot, as well as to educate the importance of life-long habits in running and training to better peoples’ health and wellness.

Shoe donation:  

We donate gently worn shoes thru, where 1 pair of shoes = 1 ton of CO2 and sustainable farming reduces atmospheric CO2 for all.   Your gently used shoes support more regenerative agriculture for generations to come.  “Every 1000 trees takes a family out of poverty FOREVER!”